1. Are seats reserved for students who need to transfer from another CBSE school?

No. The school does not have any quotas or reserved seats for C.B.S.E. transfers. Subject to the vacancies, one can follow the given admission procedure.

2. Are children who have attended Play-Group at a school other than Gurukul eligible for admissions to Junior KG at Gurukul?

Yes. Children need not have attended Play-Group at Gurukul to seek admission to Junior KG. However, admission will be subject to meeting the appropriate age requirement as mentioned in the school prospectus, and the availability of seats.

3. When are forms available for admission to Gurukul?

For admission to Play-Group, the forms are available on the website from the first Saturday of December each year. For all other classes up to Std. X, the forms are available from the 1st Saturday of March each year, subject to the availability of seats.

4. Are the forms submitted online?

No. The forms must be submitted in the school office duly filled with details, mentioned in the brochure/prospectus.

5. Can a child seek admission to Gurukul for a period shorter than the academic year?

No. The school admission policy does not have any provision for attendance shorter than the academic year.

6. When and how are school fees to be paid?

All fees are to be paid in two terms, on or before the date mentioned on the bank payment slips that are issued when admission is granted. Payment by a cheque drawn on a local bank would be acceptable.

7. Does Gurukul provide transportation for students?

Yes. The school provides transport.It is mandatory for the students of Primary and Secondary to avail the school transport.

8. Is food provided to the students at school?

Food is optional. Students may avail the lunch facility provided by the caterer by paying additional charges. Only vegetarian food will be served.

9. Is Extra Curricular Activity a part of the school curriculum?

Extra Curricular Activity though not a part of the school curriculum, will be conducted during the school hours beginning June 2015. Additional charges will be levied for the activities.

10. Can a child who is slightly unwell attend school?

No. The school strongly recommends that the child be kept at home if she/he is unwell.